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What did you have for dinner last night or lunch yesterday? Most of us probably don't remember. Why? Because we don't think about where our next meal is coming from or when. We're blessed to not think about it; for most of us our next meal is either scheduled or we'll pick something up when we're hungry, it's not a worry or the focus for our day.
Take a look at the picture above; if not for the caring volunteers that prepared and distributed his meal, this brother of ours wouldn't have an evening meal. For many more than we know or care to think about, a home or even shelter along with a meal is something they think about 24x7!


The Hungervan project's goal is to bring food to where the need is and not necessarily where the resource is. We have many feeding projects that use local volunteer facilities such as kitchens where volunteers meet, prepare and distribute the meals on premises.However many times the facility and or volunteers aren’t where the real need is! Therefore, with the Hungervan project, we can utilize available resources, without worry about logistics and deliver meals directly where the need is. Utilize a kitchen in Morristown, NJ staffed with volunteers from a radius of surrounding communities to prepare and package the meals; load the Hungervan and deliver the meals to NYC, Newark, Trenton, Paterson, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago etc. Meals stay warm and fresh for up to 2hrs so with the Hungervan we can expand the feeding radius to upwards of 75 miles from resource location to feeding destination.
Our Plan is to expand the Hungervan project nationally based on where strong local volunteer groups are built. Based on funding and or donated vehicles, the Hungervan project can expand into the hungerbus project. Utilizing a larger vehicle such as a multi-seated Minivan or Minibus now means the volunteers can be moved to the meal preparation site and or to the distribution site as necessary, expanding the resource and distribution radius even further. And with added mobile resource and space, the opportunity to move donated clothing, toiletries, medical, dental and other services to where the real need is. 

Statistics tell us that upwards of 10% of NJ’s population is “hungry”. Hungry is defined as not knowing where your next meal is coming from. And 50% of NJ’s hungry are children! For many children, their only meal is the one they get when at school; so what about after school and when the school’s are closed for holidays and over the summer? Hungervan plans to keep the vehicles moving and serving meals throughout week depending on local mobilized resources. 

Your donation to the hungervan project means more people are fed and in more places. To help spread the word and increase both awareness of the need and donation opportunities, each hungervan will have signage for and or other branded social service programs. 
Please help bring a nutritious meal to a hungry person. Sponsor a delivered healthy meal for $6.07, less than the cost of that Macdonalds value meal you had for lunch…..